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Fyrish Monument, Alness

A substantial uphill trek with a great reward at the top.

Being roughly a 6km round trip this is one of the longest walks we've taken the little ones on and it was worth it!

Fyrish Monument has a wonderful history and can be seen from the road, nearly 300m below. Personally, it wasn't my favourite part of the walk though. This tarn, about half way up, was...

This has to be one of the most tranquil spots I've ever visited. It commanded a moment of reflection that I wholeheartedly embraced, while the children went for a skip around it.

The trail offers plenty of treats for the eyes, not excluding some cracking views.

It's pretty fresh up at the top, so don't leave your coat in the car. Moreover, don't jump in a peat bog. It will make you're walk back down a great deal more arduous, as our little boy learned.

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